BEST Courses

What is a BEST course?

It is difficult to summarize a BEST course in one word. Throughout the year organizing the BEST group in Europe called "courses", usually two weeks of events where a group of 20 to 30 students participating from all around Europe. You pay a course fee up to 45 euro to participate in such a course. This includes:
- Accommodation
- 3 meals a day including at least one hot
- Lectures
- Trip(s) \ company visit (s) including transportation
- Weekend trips

This fee does not include travel (you have to arrange yourself - live Ryanair!), drinks in the evening (often very cheap) and souvenirs.

Each course has a technical subject. There will be several lectures, workshops and excursions held. The activities related to the subject are about 20 hours per week.

20 hours per week of educational activities! So, what are the remaining 148 hours? That time is mainly to social activities, crazy parties, weekend trips, sports, games, and much more. Also think of camp fires, international drinks and romantic sessions.

Does this sound interesting enough? Then it's time to sign up!

Registration Procedure

Registration works quite simple: you find three courses that you would like to participate and apply by writing a motivation letter. If you are accepted, we will automatically inform you. You still have the right to say no. If you decide to go, you pay 60 euro deposit, which you take back after the course. The course fee itself is paid during the course.

Do you want to register, write an email to us, or visit us (The Bunker 0.26). For more info check the International Best Website!

Seasons and Deadlines

There are four seasons in a year in which courses are offered, namely spring, summer, autumn and winter. For every season there is a registration deadline. We will inform you with our posters, flyers and via internet before these courses.

Motivation Letter

The key to get accepted for a course is to write a good motivation letter. We would be happy to assist you! For some hints click on how to write a motivation letter.


It is FREE! BEST Eindhoven is a voluntary international student organization. We are happy with anyone who feels like to have fun and organize events. Our official language is English.

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You have nothing to lose, a lot to gain! Take a look at the list of Courses !


If you want to learn more or just want to visit us, please contact us.