For the time being BEST Eindhoven lives in an office at the first floor of the Bunker, the studentcentrum of the TU/e: 'De Bunker' 0.26. To enter the Bunker, please call our office phone 040 247 2896 so we can let you in.

Our postal address is
BEST Eindhoven
J.F. Kennedylaan 3

and our e-mail address is

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have anything to ask or comment!

How to get to the BEST Office?

If you want to visit the BEST Office, you have to go to "De Bunker". It is a concrete building on the John F. Kennedylaan, which is the 6-lane road running west of the university campus. If you click the image below, you will find a large map of the campus indicating the location of De Bunker. De Bunker is locked from the outside to prevent unwanted visitors from entering it, so we will have to open de door from the inside for you. To enter De Bunker, you have to contact the BEST Office by phone on 040 247 2896. It is always wise to contact the BEST Office by phone just before you are coming around to make sure that someone of BEST is actually there; If you contact us by email you can easily arrange to meet us, then we will make sure we are in De Bunker at a time that suits you.

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